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10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

When The Wand Company wanted to make a TV remote based on David Tennant's sonic screwdriver, they did something cool: they called him up. And then he did something cooler: he lent them his screen-used prop so they could 3D scan it and make it into a remote control for all Whovians to enjoy.

Designed to be lightweight, just like the real prop, so that it can be carried in a pocket with ease. It's a gesture-based, fully-functioning, programmable infrared remote control. Yes, you can whip out a sonic screwdriver to control your home electronic equipment!

The guided setup will talk you through the process of teaching your sonic the signals it needs to control your TV, DVD, etc. The advanced gesture recognition technology recognizes 13 gestures in each of the three memory banks (that's 39 codes total!). The slider pad allows for smooth extending motion, just like the real sonic and the blue light illuminates when its in use. Did we mention it can play sound effects from the Doctor Who universe? That too!

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