Greetings Con Goers!

Greetings Con goers! Cons with definitive dates are the ones we have already confirmed our space for. The others are cons we would like to attend, but do not have confirmation. Contact us if you would like us to attend your con.

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Mag Fest 2017 January National Harbor, Md
Click to enlargePonycon January 27-29 Long Branch NJ
Katsucon 2017 February 17-19 National Harbor, Md
(RE)Generation Who 2017 March 24-26 Baltimore, Md
Click to enlargeZenkaikon 2017 April 28-30 Lancaster, Pa
Click to enlargeAnime Next 2017 June 9-11 Atlantic City NJ
Anime Central 2017 May 26-28 Rosemont, Il
Connecticon 2017 July 7-9 Hartford, Ct
Bronycon 2017 Baltimore, Md
OTAKON 2017 Washington DC
Anime Boston 2017 Boston, Mass
Animazement 2017 May Raleigh, NC
Awesomecon 2017 June Washington DC
Anime USA 2017 Washington DC
DERPYCON 2017 Morristown, NJ
J1 Con 2017 Philadelphia, Pa
Click to enlargeNew York Comic-Con 2017 New York City
Nekkocon 2017 Hampton, Va
Long Island Who 2017 Ronkonkoma Long Island
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